RJ Marketing is your one stop shop for multimedia marketing.

Web Development

Ready to have your own website? Let our professional team make your dream become a reality without breaking the bank. Packages start at only $1,500.

Social Media Management

Running your own business is hard. Staying on top of the fast changing world of social media is even harder. We are experienced social media marketers and can help you grow & engage your audience, which in turn helps grow your customers and your business! Packages start at $200/month.


WTF is SEO? Search Engine Optimization may sound french to you, but luckily french is our second language. 😉 We have the tools and the knowledge to ensure your website gets found in the endless world wide web. Packages start at $100/month.

Customized Marketing Plans

Henry Ford once said, “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” If you’ve come on troubled times or been looking to expand your business, then a marketing plan is perfect for you. Purchase your plan for $250 or get it for free when you sign up for one of our services.

Multimedia Marketing Management

Radio ads, Newspaper ads, Social Media ads, oh my! Ain’t nobody got time for that. Ok, actually we do! And we’d love to help you. With monthly in person or over the phone meetings, we can get you a step ahead of the competition and keep you in the forefront of your customers minds. Packages start at $200/month.

Professional Email

Ready to take your business to the next level? Ditch the or from the end of your business email and replace it with your customized business email addresses.

Email Marketing

Do you have customers that don’t use social media? Let us help you create custom email marketing campaigns for you and your business. Feature industry news, specials, upcoming events and more! Packages based on quantity of campaigns.

Text Marketing

Along the same lines as our email marketing service, not everyone is on social media, but there aren’t many people without a phone. Let us help you reach customers, new and old, through simple yet enticing text campaigns.

Print Marketing

From flyers to brochures, letter head to business cards, we are here to create the marketing materials you’ve always dreamt about. We will work with you to make sure every detail is to your liking. We can have the materials printed for you or give you exclusive rights to the designs to be used for years to come.


Branding is one of the most important aspects of business in today’s world. A beautiful logo that represents your brand goes a long way. Let us help you design a complete visual brand identity that tells the story of your business while creating uniformity for all of your marketing platforms. Packages start at $500.

I hired Claire to do my social media marketing and within minutes I had my first order. I highly recommend Claire for your social media management.

— Raymonda Wise

Mamas Cobblers and Pies

Let’s be honest, I’m a Farm Wife, Stay-At-Home Mom of 4 who is running a business out of the back side of my living room and I’ll be the first one to admit I can’t do it all! There are physically not enough hours in the day! That’s where this amazing girl comes in! Claire handles all the marketing & social media for Karoline Jane! She is amazing to work with, always listens, never misses a thing & is always dependable! I truly appreciate her so much!!

— Jessica Westall

Karoline Jane Burp Cloths